About Me.

Born in Berlin. Filmschool in Munich. Gourmet and cat lover.

I had a dream when I was a boy, drawing lots and lots of comic books about a female action hero who kicked ass in ancient Japan. 10 years later, after several trips across Asia, I made it to the city of my dreams. Despite having no money and only a (low paid) internship at a tv news bureau in my pocket, I learned patiently the language and eventually became a director to finally realise my dreams of fighting samurai, ninja and the female action heroes I had once drawn on paper! I filmed and directed commercials, music videos and documentaries where I was lucky enough to meet the most amazing people – from “the last Ninja” to legendary sword masters, outstanding craftsmen, influential business leaders to energising artists in the entertainment industry – who all opened their doors and shared their knowledge & passion with me – even just for short period of time. I am deeply thankful for all these experiences. After living in Japan for almost 20 years, I came to shoot and direct another series of “warrior women” – this time in Kazahstan, Mongolia, Central Africa and  Europe – soon to be released on US / UK / French and German networks (and some others which I forgot).

Currently I am living in London and Tokyo, but I will see where curiosity and ideas take me next.

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